Locking Mechanisms Choose a backpack with lockable zippers or locking cables to prevent thieves from accessing your belongings.

Hidden Compartments Backpacks with hidden compartments offer secure storage for valuable items like passports and electronics.

Cut-Resistant Materials Anti-theft backpacks use cut-resistant materials like slash-proof fabric or reinforced straps to prevent thieves from accessing the contents.

RFID Protection  RFID-blocking tech stops electronic theft by blocking unapproved RFID readers, protecting your cards and passports from remote scanning.

Lockable Laptop Compartment  Secure your device by locking the compartment to prevent any unauthorized access.

Adjustable Straps and Clips Backpacks with adjustable straps and clips can be fastened to a stationary item, making it harder for thieves to steal.

Reflective Detailing Reflective accents serve the dual purpose of improving visibility and deterring potential thieves.

Comfort and Ergonomics Choose a comfortable backpack that evenly distributes weight to prevent strain, especially for anti-theft ones.

USB Charging Port Backpacks with built-in USB ports let you charge devices on the go while keeping them safe and connected.

Water-Resistant or Waterproof Ensure your possessions remain moisture-free by opting for water-resistant or waterproof materials.

Brand Reputation Choose trusted brands with anti-theft features for a travel backpack. Check out reviews from other travellers for quality assurance.