It is exciting to travel out of the country or residence territory. To enjoy worry-free travel, you need a travel insurance plan to protect you and your family

Before arriving in Canada, visitors must purchase travel insurance; once purchased, it takes effect when you arrive

Are you aware that if visitors get sick or hurt in Canada, they must pay their medical bills because the government's health care coverage does not cover them

That's why Visitors have to buy a travel insurance plan before arriving in Canada. The travel insurance plan covers necessary expenses for medical conditions

The following visa holder needs travel insurance: Temporary Tourists/visitors, International students, Business persons, Foreign workers

The following organizations provide travel insurance: Manulife RBC Bank, Desjardins, Scotiabank, etc.

You can buy family coverage insurance if you want for your whole family. Travel insurance cover: Physician Services, Ambulance Services, Hospitalization, Prescription drugs and more

Travel insurance plan prices depend on your plan selection, stay time and member coverage. So compare different insurance providers' plan costs and benefits before buying it

If you extend your stay, you can also extend healthcare coverage by contacting your insurance provider

With Travel insurance, you can enjoy your stay or trip with piece-of-mind that an illness or accident will not be a significant expense during your stay or trip

To avoid scams when purchasing insurance, it is important to verify the authenticity of the service provider