Job search support Newcomers to Canada can get help finding jobs, creating resumes, applying effectively, and preparing for interviews.

Employment counselling and career planning Discover your skills, interests, and career goals with personalized guidance for planning and exploring professions.

Labor market information  Access current career information such as job trends, sought-after professions, salaries, and industry knowledge to make informed decisions.

Skills assessment and recognition  It also assists newcomers with recognizing their qualifications, navigating credential procedures, and accessing certification programs in Canada.

Referrals to training and upgrading programs  Get help finding training programs, language classes, and funding options to improve your skills and qualifications for the Canadian job market.

Networking and mentorship programs  Service providers offer networking and mentorship to aid newcomers in connecting with professionals, gaining advice, and accessing job leads.

Job placement services New job seekers find jobs that match their skills, experience, and career goals by working with employers and recruiters.

Self-employment and entrepreneurship support  Starting a business? Get guidance, resources, and support for registration, financing, and training.

Work experience programs and internships  Services connect newcomers to work experience programs, internships, or cooperative education opportunities to gain Canadian work experience.

Financial supports and benefits Newcomers should be informed of financial support options during their job search, such as government programs, grants, or loans.

Follow-up and post-employment support This organization assists individuals with work-related matters and offers career growth support after they secure employment.