The Welcome Center provides various free services in person, by phone, email, or video.

The Mentorship Program This program provides an experienced mentor in your profession to assist you as a newcomer starting a new life in Canada.

Job Search Workshops Program Help in: Resume and cover letter Research tools Interview Preparation Networking

Employment Support Services There are many ways in which newcomers can develop the skills needed to find work with the help of various resources.

Accreditation and Qualifications information services This program helps newcomers in Canada recognize the education, skills, and experiences preferred by Canadian employers.

Accreditation Portfolio Workshop This program helps get credentials recognized, explore pathways to find alternative jobs, and upgrade skills.

Community Resources Area Services It provides computers with internet, WIFI, fax machines, photocopies, telephones, and webcams or headphones to newcomers, with on-site staff to help.

Interpretation Services Experienced professional interpreters make an appointment for newcomers to access services and programs at any Welcome Center through phone or video conferencing.

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership This program provides mentorship to skilled immigrants who enter the program and have the education and skills to succeed in the labour market.

SIMPACT This Practice firm is designed to help newcomers network, practice hands-on skills, and gain confidence and language.

Self-employment pathways for newcomers Self-employed newcomers can use resources and tools to support their career pathway with the help of this program.

Bridge to healthcare This program helps internationally trained healthcare professionals find a related healthcare field in Canada.