Organizations and programs work together to aim to empower women and support them on their journey to safety and recovery.

The YWCA is a nationwide organization in Canada that provides resources and women's shelters to victims of domestic abuse.

The Canadian Women's Foundation organized funds for shelters and programs that assist women and children in escaping abusive situations.

An online resource helping women locate shelters and support services in their area. They prove helpful in finding a safe place to live in Canada.

These temporary homes provide safe spaces and support for women escaping abuse while they plan their next steps.

National housing strategy: the Canadian government's initiative includes funding for basic housing needs.

Next are victim services programs, which offer support, information, and referrals to victims of crime, including domestic violence.

Then comes the women's shelters program, which provides funding to enhance and expand women's shelters and related services.

Another one is local community centers that offer women's support services, including counseling and temporary housing.

Indigenous Women's Shelter organizations that focus on providing culturally sensitive shelters for indigenous women.

Provincial Funding means provinces have their own programs and funding to support women in crisis and related services.