Can international students sell online in Canada?

Are you an international student studying in Canada and hoping to earn money by working online?

The first question that may come to mind is, “Can international students sell online in Canada?”

Hello there! I have some good news for you. Yes, Canada is one of the few countries that permits international students to establish their own businesses, work for themselves, or engage in online sales while studying.

So almost every new international student thinks, “Can international students sell online in Canada?” to earn extra money. It’s impressive that Canada provides this chance to students from all over the world.

But If you’re thinking about starting an online business and selling stuff or services, make sure to check if your study permit lets you work off-campus. Knowing the rules is essential so you don’t get in trouble later on

This is just a friendly reminder to ensure that your study permit allows you to work part-time off-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week. It’s always better to double check!

But you won’t be able to work in Canada if you don’t meet the requirements for working off-campus or haven’t started your study program. You might have to leave Canada if you do that. I just want
to give you a heads-up!

Can International students sell online in canada

How many hours can international students sell online in Canada?

If you’re juggling a part-time job and an online business, make sure you keep your work hours under 20 per week.

And once your online biz starts bringing in some dough, you’ll have to adjust your part-time hours accordingly.

Oh, and if you sell 50 or more items, you must get a legit tax ID. And if you’re planning to sell stuff through Amazon’s FBA program, you have got to form a company. Just some things to keep in mind!

So, after you’ve been studying in Canada for six months, you can apply for an open work permit. This means you can put all your energy into your business and not worry about anything holding you back.

Can students get free legal advice for small businesses?

Yes, in Canada, many non-profit organizations provide free legal advice. So you can get the answer to this question, “Can international students sell online in Canada?” from a legal advisor.

Here are a few examples:

  • Pro Bono Law Alberta
  • Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan
  • Justice Pro Bono Quebec
  • Legal Aid BC
  • UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program
  • UVic Law Center
  • Community Legal Assistance Society
  • Community Advocates

Online law resources:

  • ClickLaw
  • PovNet Resources
  • Legal Aid BC
  • People’s Law School
  • CanLII

Programs that help international students to start a business

When this question comes to mind, “Can international students sell online in Canada?” the second question is, “Which programs can help international students to start a business?”

Soft Landing Program

The Soft Landing program is designed to assist immigrant entrepreneurs in starting or expanding innovative businesses that contribute to the Canadian economy by creating jobs.

Entrepreneur Success Initiative

This program is based in Ontario and is designed to assist international entrepreneurs in creating more employment opportunities and contributing to the economy.

Networking Event

Government organizations, colleges, and universities in Canada host events and webinars for students interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Center

If you are an international student, your college or university’s entrepreneurship center is an excellent resource for exploring local, national, and global entrepreneurship opportunities.

Startup Incubators

Certain organizations specialize in assisting businesses during their early stages and providing various tools to help startups grow and innovate.
Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Here is a list of some of the best incubators available:

HATCH Venture Builder

This program is designed for innovative individuals based at UBC who can help solve global problems. To join, at least one team member must be a UBC student, faculty member, staff member, or recent alumnus.

Creative Destruction Lab

This non-profit organization has locations in 10 cities across North America and Europe. They offer mentorship, capital raising assistance, tech roadmaps, and support for business development.

League of Innovators

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking for support to help achieve your business goals, please check out LOI.

They offer 12 weeks of community, resources, and consent to founders under 25 years old, and the best part is that they don’t charge any fees or require any equity in return.

It’s an excellent opportunity to get some help without any strings attached.


This remarkable innovation hub on Canada’s East Coast offers co-working spaces and mentorship to businesses. The founder can receive resources up to $50,000 after becoming a Volta resident.


The folks over at Spring are pretty amazing. They’ve helped out over 2,100 entrepreneurs with all kinds of stuff, like development and investments.

Plus, they’re all about building up the community and making things better for everyone. Can’t beat that!

New Ventures BC

This program helps tech startups located in British Columbia. It’s a three-month acceleration program that gives them support and helps them grow.


It’s an incredible non-profit organization in Ontario that helps support innovative ideas and businesses.

They offer education, mentorship and connect you with great resources to help you succeed. It’s pretty awesome!

WEtech Alliance

It’s one of the Regional Innovation Centres here in Ontario, and it’s focused on helping out the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent communities.

Their main goal is to build a strong and varied economy that can continue for the long haul.

LatAm startups

It’s an awesome non-profit organization in Toronto that helps out international startups and newcomers who are just getting settled in Canada.

It’s such a great resource for anyone looking to get their business off the ground or just find their footing in a new country.


DMZ is ranked as the top university-based tech incubator in the world.

DMZ provides tools, coaching, operational support, and an innovator’s network to entrepreneurs.

Can an international student apply for a startup visa in Canada?

If you’re an international student dreaming of starting your own business in Canada and want to get Canadian permanent residency sooner, the Canadian startup visa program might be perfect!

If you are working on this question, “Can international students sell online in Canada?” you should look into a start-up visa program.

Startup visa program requirements:

  • having a qualifying business
  • obtaining a support letter from a designated organization
  • meeting the minimum language requirements
  • and having enough money to settle and live in the country

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Yes, you can work remotely with any employer outside Canada as long as you still meet your study permit requirements. This type of work is not counted towards your 20 hours per week off-campus work permit.

Good news for you! As an international student, you can totally sell products on Amazon! Just make sure you follow the rules and regulations of Canada and your study permit.

To use FBA, you must start a business in that country, as per the Amazon website. Happy selling!

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