Is Krazy Binz Worth It? – Upto 90% off

Are you thinking like me, “Is Krazy Binz worth it?” before visiting Krazy Binz?

If yes, you are on the right page. I’m sharing my experience here and responding to any inquiries you might have, just like I did.

is krazy binz worth it

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Is Krazy Binz worth it?

It’s worth visiting the Krazy Binz store. The cool thing about it is that you can take advantage of the deals all week. Once you get on there, you will become crazy, as truckloads of discounts are available.

Surprisingly, all items are available for a few bucks, and large items are available at 50% to 90% off the original retail price.

So it’s worth it, and you must visit the nearest Krazy Binz Store near you and check it out!

What is Krazy Binz?

It is a new shopping concept that has excited people and brought a craze among them.

Krazy Binz is a fantastic discount store offering deep discounts on all items and brands. In the Binz store, all the items are placed in bins, but the price is the same for all items.

If an item is large and put on a shelf or floor instead of a container, it can be purchased for 50 to 90 percent off on the retail cost.

As per reports, in the Krazy Binz store, most items are brand new because they buy 80% overstocked items and only 20% returns.

is krazy binz worth it

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How do Krazy Binz work?

Krazy Binz receives overstocked, off-season, and grade-A return items from the world’s most popular online retailers.

They don’t hire employees to sort or organize stuff on shelves because unsorted items are directly placed in the bins they provide at a low price.

That business model solves the return logistics problem for retailers. Krazy Binz gives a second life to merchandise.

The Krazy Binz week starts on Friday, and every item in a bin costs $10. Whatever’s left over on Saturday is $5. Then, each item is $3 on Sunday, $2 on Monday, $1 on Tuesday, and 50 cents of what’s left in the bins on Wednesday.

Krazy Binz restocks on Wednesday and is closed on Thursday, and this cycle continues.

But there are some exceptions, depending on the variety, like electronics, clothes, and other materials.

Note: Day price or closing day depends on the store. For more exact information, please check your near store’s online website.

Krazy Binz Review

Last month, when I visited the Krazy Binz store, I found an Amazon Kindle for just $5. It works so well, and my experience is too good with this store.

As per online reviews, a shopper got a smartwatch for $3 in Kitchener, Ontario.
One got a ring light for $1.

Some shoppers like to visit often to get a good deal on electronics like Dyson hair dryers, computers, fans, and electronic kitchen stuff.

krazy Binz – Stratford reviews

Hamberg said, “I have mixed feelings about the necessity of having a facility for other people’s returns, but any form of recycling is better than none. The staff at the facility were very pleasant and helpful, providing me with useful information. Additionally, I discovered a few items that were a great value on the $10 day, which prompted me to plan another visit. The facility is tidy and organized, and the staff is more than willing to assist you in opening packages if you are uncertain about their contents. Moreover, you are welcome to test any potential purchases to ensure they are functional, which is always recommended.”

Chloe said, “This store is perfect if you’re just looking to have some fun and not necessarily searching for anything specific. I’ve found some great deals on DVDs and other items here. However, be prepared to spend some time searching through the merchandise – it’s not a store where you can quickly pop in and out. Overall, it’s a fun way to spend an hour.”

Where does Krazy Binz get their stuff from?

The manager of Krazy Binz himself explained that they buy the stuff from major online stores, and when they open the boxes, they directly put them into the bins for the customers.

These bins are filled once a week, and the stock lasts for a week.

Their products include small appliances, tools, toys, electronics, shoes, clothes, etc. It provides unique shopping with eye-catching deals.

What is the best day to shop at Krazy Binz?

Hey there! So, if you’re wondering when’s the best time to hit up Krazy Binz for some shopping, I gotta say it’s kind of a mixed bag. You never really know when you’ll stumble upon some amazing deals on some pretty sweet stuff. But hey, that’s part of the fun, right? So don’t stress too much about timing, just go when you feel like it and see what you can find!

The Krazy Binz Store restocks every Thursday. So, you should visit it every Friday to know about the latest deals.

Make sure you visit early on Friday for the best available products. In specific locations, they begin 12 hours prior to the start of online registration for next-day shopping, and customers receive a text message with a 30-minute allotted time.

Also, there is an excellent chance to visit on Wednesday because everything left will cost you just $1 each. So there may be a chance of getting some good stuff.

Also, visit Krazy Bins before buying electronics or furniture to find deals that may benefit you.

Krazy Binz hours depend on the location. To confirm the exact timing, kindly reach out to the nearest Krazy Binz store.

Here is a list of Krazy Binz Kitchener prices:

  • Friday : $25
  • Saturday : $10
  • Sunday : $10
  • Monday : $5
  • Tuesday : $3
  • Wednesday : $1
  • Thursday : $1


You will be amazed after visiting Krazy Binz Store once. Check it out, and your reviews will be fantastic, as they have been for many others.

You must visit your nearest Krazy Binz store, as this store is like no other!

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No, you don’t need to pay to get into Krazy Binz. But some locations require a ticket or online registration before visiting the store. So you can check the online website or directly call the store before visiting.

Krazy Binz sells everything, like electronics, jewelry, furniture, toys, books, clothing, shoes, etc. However, there is no guarantee that the things you find on your first visit will still be there on a subsequent visit.

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