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The acknowledgement of receipt has become a breathable document for us after submitting the documents or applications to IRCC over the past couple of years.

If you are wondering what “AOR meaning Canada,” “AOR meaning Canada immigration,” “AOR meaning in immigration,” “AOR immigration meaning,” “what is AOR in Canada immigration,” “AOR Canada meaning,” “AOR means Canadian immigration,” means, the official acknowledgement of receipt letter (AOR) from the IRCC is the answer to all of your queries.

AOR in Canada Immigration is an official letter for applicants.

If you are confused about a temporary or permanent AOR, you are on the right web page.

This article will give you complete knowledge about AOR.

Difference between a temporary & a permanent AOR

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Temporary AOR

Temporary AOR

After submitting a file to IRCC, in receiving acknowledgement of receipt, clearly mention “temporary Application No:” below the UCI number it’s a temporary AOR.

Permanent AOR

If the “Temporary” word is not mentioned in the acknowledgement of receipt, that means it’s a permanent AOR.

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permanent AOR

What is an AOR document?

An Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) is an official confirmation letter that is sent by the IRCC when they receive your immigration application. The AOR in immigration is a very important document.

IRCC may send AOR at different times, depending on your immigration application type.

Why an AOR document?

An Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) is not just a confirmation letter.

Apart from the immigration application successfully submitted to the IRCC confirmation letter, there is much helpful information, like:

  • AOR depicts the date when IRCC received the application, which is essential if any dependent children are still 21 or younger.
  • Unique client identifier(UCI) and application number also mention in your AOR, which helps track the progress of your application online or when you provide additional documents or information related to your immigration file.
  • AOR is proof of your document’s validity. So always submit your document like police reports, IELTS results, and ECA reports with sufficient time before your documents expire.
  • Other details like fully paid immigration fees, all documents received, the application under review etc.

Paper-based or Online Applications AOR

Because of the pandemic, the immigration system is mostly shifted Online. In 2023, most immigration applications will be submitted Online.

When you submit an online application and fees and click the submit button, the AOR date is registered, and you can check your official AOR on the online profile.

Sometimes AOR date is the next day’s date because of time zone differences or glitches in the system.

If you submit a paper-based application, the AOR date is when the IRCC mailroom received your application package. They will send AOR when they start to work on your immigration application.

What is a Temporary AOR?

Due to the pandemic, IRCC has a large file backlog, so IRCC starts to issue temporary AOR when they receive immigration applications.

That does not mean your application is complete and under review. The temporary file number will not be valid once processing begins.

Temporary application number you can use to contact IRCC regarding your application, but you cannot link your paper application to your online account using a temporary number.

How to identify if it’s a Temporary or a Permanent AOR document?

Temporary AOR:

  • In AOR, the “Temporary” word is written a couple of times.
  • “Temporary Application No:” word mentioned under the UCI number means it’s not permanent.
  • Under the handing section, IRCC says the “Temporary application number” detail.

Permanent AOR:

  • Permanent AOR does not contain any “Temporary” words.
  • The document’s body paragraph explains about your immigration file status.

What if the applicant received only a temporary AOR?

As per IRCC’s tweet, after getting temporary AOR, you must wait until your file is picked.

How long it takes depends on how many applications IRCC receives. And when file processing starts, you can check its status.

If you didn’t hear back from IRCC for a long time, you could submit a Webform using Temporary AOR details to get the update from the immigration department.

What if the applicant received no communication?

In this case, you should submit a Webform. In the web form, you should attach the payment receipt number and first and last name of the principal applicant of your immigration application.

After searching with your provided information, IRCC will update you.


It all depends on how many application IRCC receive in the same category and whether your application is complete.

A temporary application number only means receiving your file to IRCC successfully.

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