Canada immigration strike update

As you know, after failing to get a good wage deal with the federal government, Canada’s 155,00 public sector workers began a strike on April 19.

Still, after almost a week, the strike ended. The immigration, refugee, and citizenship employees were also included in the 155,000 workers.

The IRCC reduced some backlogs of immigration files in the past year. The processing of immigration files is once again laborious due to a strike.

IRCC employees ended the strike, and the government agreed to their demands.

Canada immigration strike ended

The strike no longer impacted the immigration system because immigration staff returned to work on May 1, 2023.

As per the IRCC website notes, some services are under strike impact until the next few days or weeks.

The federal employees and government agreed on a tentative agreement that includes higher wages, work from home, and other favourable provisions for their members.

During the strike, IRCC held an express entry draw last Wednesday, and 3,500 candidates received invitations to apply for permanent residence.

Canada immigration strike update: April 28, 2023

The strike enters its ninth day, with employees and the government still negotiating on three demands.

According to reports, the strike may last until next week.

Contrarily, the opposition conservative party questions why Justin Trudeau is taking a vacation while the country’s largest strike is in progress.

Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre said Justin Trudeau’s main priority is his vacations instead of working on strike.

But the Treasury Board said they are continuously in touch with public servants and negotiating with the union on their demands.

There are three main demands on the table for discussion:

  • The wage increase should be 13.5%. But the government agreed to increase it by 9%.
  • Allow employees to continue to work from home. The government formally reviews work-from-home directives with unions.
  • Instead of contracting, provide more jobs. The government agrees to decrease contracting but does not agree to lower it to zero.

Minister Sean Fraser’s views on the Canada immigration strike

canada immigration strike update

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The strike is approaching day eight, according to Sean Fraser in the media. Immigration’s essential services are worse because of the strike.

Highlighted point by Canada’s immigration minister:

  • Citizenship ceremonies have been cancelled.
  • The immigration backlog is growing day by day, and application processing delays.
  • The government is prioritizing those applications whose lives may be in danger.
  • The passport application backlog is still under control, and it’s not increasing quickly.
  • Justin Trudeau says the federal government will resolve the strike employees issue at the negotiation table.

For a rally on Parliament Hill, a crowd of federal workers has blocked a road near downtown Ottawa.

The strike has no impact on services:

  • Submit an online immigration application.
  • Send IRCC your immigration application by mail.
  • Your online accounts are available.
  • Emergency services are still working.

Services provided by non-governmental organizations are available; the strike has no effect:

  • IRCC partner organizations offer services like settlement services.
  • Health care services by the interim federal health program.
  • Outside of Canada, visa centers.

Services impacted by the strike fully or partially:

  • Immigration file processing
  • Appointments or citizenship events
  • IRCC delay in response to emails, phone calls, or social media comments
  • Processing of LMIA applications has been halted; only those with high demand are being handled:
    • Primary Agriculture
    • Health-related services
    • Trucking
    • Food processing

Canada immigration strike update: On day one

On April 18, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST, IRCC staff managers met online to discuss the details of the strike.

The strike started at 12:01 a.m. EST on April 19, 2023.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Two

In an interview, Minister Sean Fraser stated that IRCC employees claimed the strike had no effect on the Department of Immigration’s general operations.

The IRCC international network continuously works and provides essential services.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Three

As per new reports, the Canadian government is messaging public servants to continue their work and get paid their usual salary during the strike.

But employees only agree with the government once their demands are fulfilled.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Four

According to the PSAC president, the government is still unable to carry out the terms of their bargaining package and has not provided a response.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Five

According to the PSAC President, they relocated to more advantageous locations in order to increase pressure on the government and revenue sources.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Six

Strike employees demanded a 13.5% increment in paychecks, but the government offered only 9%, which is unacceptable to PSAC.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Seven

IRCC international networks are working on prioritizing visas. International networks mean temporary short-term staff hired in 2022 and at the start of 2023 to reduce backlogs.

Canada immigration strike update: On Day Eight

The government made an effort to reach the best possible agreement with the union because pressure from rising wages on taxpayers.

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