What is the process for moving to Canada? (10 detailed answers )

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What is the process for moving to Canada?

When deciding to immigrate to Canada, several options are available to you.

Permanent Residency

Many foreigners apply directly from their home country for permanent residency, which entitles them to full rights and government benefits in Canada and allows them to live and work there.

Temporary Residency

A temporary residency, whether a work permit, a visitor visa, or a permit to study, is another way to enter Canada. This allows you to taste life in Canada before deciding whether to stay or return home.

what is the process from moving to canada

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Let’s talk about in detail “what is the process for moving to Canada”

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Work Permit:

Having a work permit enables foreign nationals to work in Canada under the conditions outlined in the document.

LMIA Process:

LMIAs (Labour market impact assessments) are required before foreign nationals can apply for work permits.

A labour market assessment, or LMIA, is carried out by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to ensure that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is available to fill the position.

Employers in Canada must obtain an LMIA from ESDC in order to hire foreign workers.
With the LMIA, foreign workers apply for a work permit at IRCC.

You may relocate to Canada to work for the employer once IRCC approves your work permit.

Require Documents:

  1. Proof of identity: a valid passport and two photos of yourself
  2. Proof of employment: a job offer letter and LMIA
  3. Proof of relationship: marriage certificate or birth certificate of accompanying family members.
  4. Other documents: if you are not a citizen of the country from where you apply.

Study Permit:

A study permit is a document that enables a foreign national to pursue education at specific Canadian institutions of higher learning.


  1. Check your eligibility requirements and get an acceptance letter from a college or university.
  2. Gather all required documents like proof of financial condition, IELTS score, previous study certificates etc.
  3. Submit your study permit application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.
  4. You can come to Canada to study if the study permit is approved.

Require Documents:

  1. You need a document showing you are accepted into a course for study by a designated learning institution, called an acceptance letter.
  2. Provide a financial document proving you have enough funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
  3. Each of the supporting documents for your application. To find out which documents apply to your country, visit the IRCC website.

Visitor Visa:

A visitor visa is a legal document you must have with your passport to enter Canada temporarily.


  1. Gather all the paperwork needed to meet the visit visa requirements. The document list is mentioned on the government of Canada’s website.
  2. Create your account, upload your documents, and pay your application fees.
  3. Give your biometrics for the visitor visa.
  4. The IRCC officer will process your application.
  5. Send your passport in accordance with the IRCC’s instructions.
  6. Plan to travel to Canada if you are granted a visa.

Require Documents:

  1. You need a passport that has at least a six-month expiration date.
  2. Show the documents that prove you have enough ties to your home country.
  3. Sufficient funds to enable you to remain in Canada.
  4. If you intend to stay with family, you should have a letter of invitation from them.

Which is the best way to immigrate to Canada?

Prior to choosing the best immigration route, you must first determine your strengths, such as your education, resources, skills, family ties to Canada, experience, and motivation for moving there.

You can then select the best way to immigrate to Canada in order to achieve your immigration goals.

When the question “What is the process for moving to Canada” comes up in mind, then multiple questions also come up in mind that already answer below.

What do you need to move to Canada?

  • visa
  • Flight ticket
  • Travel insurance for Canada
  • The passport should not expire in the next six months
  • Funds for living expenses
  • Create a new version of your resume using Canadian formatting.
  • Living arrangement
  • If you have prior driving experience from your home country, a driving license.

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Without money, it’s extremely difficult to immigrate to Canada. You won’t need money to relocate permanently to Canada if your spouse or partner is a permanent resident or citizen. For other immigration ways, you need money.

Everything depends on your circumstances, including where you are from. Some people think it is the right decision to move to Canada, and others do not. Everyone has a different reason for moving to Canada; if that reason is met, it is a good decision; otherwise, it is a mistake.

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