How to become an immigration officer in Canada?

Are you interested in working as an immigration officer in Canada?

If your answer is yes, this blog post will guide you in determining whether a career as an immigration officer in Canada is the best fit for you and clear all your doubts regarding this question: “How to become a immigration officer” or “How to become an immigration officer” or “How to become an immigration officer in Canada” or “How to be an immigration officer” or “How to become an airport immigration officer” or “how to become immigration lawyer in Canada” or “How to become a visa officer in Canada.”

How to become an immigration officer in Canada?

As an immigration officer Canada, you have to deal with immigration flow to help immigrants and make safe citizens.

If you want to be an immigration officer, the steps below will show you how to get started:

  • Gain supportive experience and education.
  • Pass a civil service exam proving applicants have the appropriate skills for a specific position.
  • Prepare your resume 
  • Find an immigration officer job opening.
  • Learn new or improve the current skill set to gain experience as an immigration officer.
  • Acquire additional degrees or certifications if required to get an immigration officer-specific job position.

What do you do as an immigration officer?

The career of an immigration officer may involve holding positions such as immigration customs agent, immigration case manager, immigration attorney, etc.

Thus, the daily responsibilities of an immigration officer may differ, but the following are some everyday duties:

  1. Examining applications for various categories of immigrants
  2. Making sure the accuracy of immigrant applicants
  3. Researching information which is provided on the application
  4. Background checks
  5. Assessing whether the application request is valid or not.
  6. Requesting other information documents to make sure the application is valid
  7. Working with other federal, provincial, or municipal government agencies
  8. Monitoring people entering or exiting at key entry ports

Is immigration officer a government job?

Yes, immigration officers are employed by the federal, provincial, or municipal governments to help verify the accuracy of applicants’ claims when they apply for visas, citizenship, or asylum.

The majority of the time, immigration officers work in offices, but they occasionally travel to court appearances.

The government department in charge of all matters relating to immigration, obtaining citizenship, and refugees in Canada is known as Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). All Canadians’ health, safety, and security are this department’s top priorities.

What immigration officer qualifications are needed to become an immigration officer?

As such, there is no official immigration study course requirement. But if a candidate has a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, such as criminal justice, a foreign language, accounting, data mining, intelligence analysis, emergency management, or another relevant area, that would be preferable.

Candidates for high positions are qualified with a master’s degree or one year of postgraduate study. Prior employment with a federal agency may help with the selection criteria.

How to become an immigration officer in Canada?

What skills are required to be a Canadian immigration officer?

  • Honesty
  • Cooperative and patient
  • Social awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Writing skills
  • Technology familiarity
  • Foreign language
  • Independently work
  • Teamwork
  • Analysis skills
  • Time management
  • Task prioritizing
  • Multilingualism is an asset
  • Strong attention
  • Collaborative

What is the salary of an immigration officer Canada?

Are you thinking about “immigration officer salary Canada”? If yes, check the answer below:

In Canada, the average salary for an immigration officer is $69,059, according to Glassdoor. The salary depends on the employee’s responsibilities and job duties.

What are the requirements to work as an immigration officer in Canada?

There are a few requirements to become an immigration officer:

  • You must be Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or national status.
  • Your age must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have good communication skills in English and French.
  • Before becoming an immigration officer, you might need to pass a fitness test because the position may call for physical activity and fitness.
  • To work as an immigration officer, you must have a spotless criminal record. Also, your driving record should be pristine, and your current license should be valid.
  • You must pass a drug test.

Certifications to Become an immigration officer

Border and Immigration Service Certification:

This certification provides foundational information for candidates wanting to start their career in customs or immigration.

Students can gain knowledge of the Immigration Act, the function of the immigration officer, immigration enforcement, border services investigations, and Canadian immigration rules and regulations.

College list

Humber College
George Brown College
Niagara College
Douglas College
Lambton College
Seneca College and many more

Yes, the job of an immigration officer is a profession. Immigration officers work in government departments to manage all matters of immigration, citizenship, and refugees.

Many websites say an immigration officer’s highest salary is $187,200, and the median range is $124,683.

Border and immigration services courses are offered by a few Ontario colleges, such as Humber College and Ontario College.

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